Annual seminar

The FinEd Network organises an annual seminar, which in recent years has been arranged in connection with the FERA Conference on Education. The FinEd seminar acts as the pre‑seminar for the conference.

Call is open! Digitalisation in education: From various learning contexts to methodologies
Pre-seminar of the FinEd Network to the FERA 2020 Conference 14 December 2020, University of Helsinki/ ONLINE SEMINAR

In the seminar, doctoral researchers have an opportunity to present their ongoing research and get comments and feedback from other participants. Dead line for abstract (max. 400 words) submissions is October 16th.

Professor Hilda Borko from Stanford University will give a keynote about using videos in education and educational research. Furthermore, University lecturer Satu-Maarit Frangou from University of Lapland and post-doctoral researcher Mikko Meriläinen from University of Tampere will give a talk about their doctoral research processes.

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Mixed methods – Always Better?
Pre-seminar of the FinEd Network to the FERA 2019 Conference 20 November 2019, University of Eastern Finland/ Joensuu Campus

In 2019, the Finnish Multidisciplinary Doctoral Training Network on Educational Sciences (FinEd)
organised its annual seminar for the doctoral researchers in Joensuu. The pre-seminar is entitled Mixed methods – always better?

Based on the analysis of Finnish educational doctoral dissertations published 2010–2016, mixed methods approach was well represented among 605 dissertations. Depending on the research questions, combination of qualitative and quantitative data may be very promising in solving wicked problems of the explored topics in the field of education. Several international textbooks on research methodology warn also about shortcomings that may be inherent in the mixing. What is the expected added value of mixed methods approach and how to care for the advantages of it in practice?

In the pre-seminar, Dr Lucila Carvalho (Massey University, New Zealand) presented in her keynote lecture on different models of mixed methods, and gave examples of mixed methods research projects.

In the afternoon session, the participants discussed  issues related to mixed methods such as the advantages and challenges of using the method, the underlying paradigms and the popularity of the method in current research.