FinEd Newsletter 1/2020

This is a FinEd Newsletter. Newsletters are sent to all members of the FinEd Network via contact persons in each member university and published on the FinEd website.

The coordination of FinEd network has transferred to the University of Lapland

The FinEd Network is an organization made up of eight academic member units. The coordination of the Network’s activities rotates within its member units. In the years 2020−2021, the Network is coordinated by the Faculty of Education, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi. Previously, the Network has been coordinated by the Faculty of Education of the University of Turku (2015−2017) and the Faculty of Education and Culture of the Tampere University (2018−2019).

Covid-19 pandemia’s influences on the events of FinEed network

The Covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020 have had a significant impact on planning and implementing the events of the FinEd network. The article workshop for doctoral students, originally planned for spring 2020, has been postponed to the autumn and the first part will be implemented in collaboration with the ITK Doctoral Consortium in September 21st.

The time and place of the FERA Conference, as well as the FinEd pre-seminar have also changed due the coronavirus situation. According to current information, the FERA Conference 2020 will be held on 15-16 December 2020 and the FinEd pre-seminar on 14 December, on the central campus of the University of Helsinki. The FinEd network will closely monitor the progress of the coronavirus situation and provide updated information about events and conference on its websites:

Article workshop I will be organized in collaboration with ITK Doctoral Concortium

Article workshop part I for FinEd network doctoral students will be held in collaboration with ITK Doctoral Concortium September 21st 2020. ITK Doctoral Consortium provides an opportunity for current doctoral researchers to present their project in a safe, friendly and stimulating environment. The candidates will receive formative feedback from their peers and senior researchers in the field.

More information:

In the workshop, doctoral researchers will present their ongoing research and get feedback to their article manuscripts. It is also possible to present the ongoing research based on the abstract in the case the doctoral student doesn’t have an article manuscript. Important dates:

The annual seminar of the FinEd network 14 December 2020, University of Helsinki: Sustainable development and education

The theme of the FERA conference is sustainable development and education. The conference concentrates on answering the questions, how should we educate children, youth and adults towards the future, which is ecologically, socially and economically sustainable? Further information about the FERA conference will be found from web page:

The theme of the FinEd network pre-seminar is: ”Digitalisation in education: from various learning contents to methodologies. The Keynote lecture will be given by Professor Hilda Borko from Stanford University, USA. Post docs lectures will be given by PhD Satu-Maarit Frangou from University of Lapland and PhD Mikko Meriläinen University of Tampere.

The pre-seminar is directed to doctoral researchers of the member units of the FinEd Network. The travel and accommodation (one night in a double room) costs of the seminar are covered by the FinEd to all doctoral researchers of the FinEd member units. The registration for the pre-seminar is made via an electronic form on the FinEd web page, the registration opens in October 2020. The maximum number of participants will be 50 doctoral researchers.

Meet the FinEd mentors

The Mentor pool is a group of senior researchers from the member units of the FinEd Network who have pledged to advise the doctoral researchers within the Network. Through the Mentor pool, the doctoral researchers in the Network can contact experts in their own field. Now you can learn more about the FinEd mentors through the Network’s new interview series Meet the Mentors:

The situation of events and conferences

(CANCELLED) ECER: Educational Research (Re)connecting Communities, 25−28 August 2020, University of Glasgow, UK
The annual conference of European Educational Research Association. Further information:

(CANCELLED) 30th EECERA Annual Conference: Democratic Early Childhood Pedagogies, 8–11 September 2020, University of Zagreb, Croatia
The annual conference of European Early Childhood Education Research Association. The deadline of abstracts 2 March 2020.
Further information: