Mentor pool

The FinEd mentor pool offers doctoral researchers the opportunity to seek expert advice within the educational field. The mentor pool consists of volunteer senior researchers. The mentors can, for example, guide the mentee to relevant literary sources, or help to improve the focus of the research plan. The mentors may participate in workshops and the annual FinEd seminar.

Guidelines for the doctoral researchers:

  • FinEd mentors do not offer official doctoral dissertation supervision, which is the responsibility of the supervisors nominated by the faculty. Therefore, it is wise to talk to and get a recommendation from one’s own supervisor before contacting a FinEd mentor.
  • When you contact a FinEd mentor, please mention that you are a member of the FinEd Network.
  • Preferably, mentors should be contacted during the annual FinEd seminars and the FERA Conference, and only at restricted times otherwise.

The FinEd Network’s mentor pool offers a unique networking channel for supervisors as well. In addition, post‑doctoral researchers are welcome to act as FinEd mentors. If you are interested in becoming a mentor for doctoral researchers, please contact the coordinator.

FinEd mentors